29 October, 2011

I Believe

My sister introduced me this songs. And that was the first time..

My ukhti introduced me this song at the last mukhayyam. And that was the second time..

That second time make me fallen in love with its melody and not yet the lyrics..

From that moment, I keep listening this song..

And this morning, with God's will, I managed to search for the lyrics and..

Subhanallah, it's touched my heart.


So, let's together enjoy this song as our wasilah to be close to Allah and His messenger, insyaAllah.


When you’re searching for the light

And you see no hope in sight

Be sure and have no doubt

He’s always close to you

He’s the one who knows you best

He knows what’s in your heart

You’ll find your peace at last

If you just have faith in Him

You’re always in our hearts and minds

Your name is mentioned every day

I’ll follow you no matter what

My biggest wish is to see you one day


I Believe

Do you believe, oh do you believe?

Maher Zain

Coz I believe

In a man who used to be

So full of love and harmony

He fought for peace and liberty

And never would he hurt anything

He was a mercy to mankind

A teacher till the end of time

No creature could be compared to him

So full of light and blessings

You're always in our heart and minds

Your name is mentioned every day

I'll follow you no matter what

If God will we'll meet one day


If you lose your way

Believe in an better day

Trials will come

But surely they will fade away

If you just believe

What is plain to see

Just open your heart

And let His love flow through

I believe I believe, I believe I believe

And now I feel my heart is at peace


I believe I believe, I believe I believe


Rasydan Rasyid said...

Irfan Makki ni seorang penyanyi ke?

umat Muhammad said...

ya, beliau seorang penyanyi.