15 March, 2010

last microbiology lab..


Getting busy nowadays as the final exam is just round the corner..more tests, more assignments, presentation as well the quizzes..

see every difficulty as a challenge,
a stepping stone,
and never be defeated,
by anything or anyone

Yesterday was my last microbiology lab. A bit sad actually since my instructor, Miss Yana will not conduct our experiments anymore. She’ll pursue her Master at UIA starting my third semester if I’m not mistaken. Many things that I’ve learned from her.

She had said during my first experiment with her:

“A meaningful knowledge is a knowledge that bring us closer to Allah swt”

Same goes when we are using the microscope to observe the bacteria and fungus. Some pictures on the last lab.

Before start the experiment, Miss Yana explain the procedures first

Nutrient broth..

Agar plates..

My lab bench..

Other sides of my lab bench with several nutrient broth there..


My lab partner sucking the bacteria by using the pipette..

special case-inverted image-My classmates during their experiment..

Kak aisyah is waiting to mark her attendance..

Miss Yati, also one of my instructor walking around, watching her student doing their work..

Seems kak ernie in the picture. (pensel box sapa la warne biru tu..)

Incubator-to incubate the bacteria..

From left: Miss yana, kak da, husna and raz..

Our library outside there..

My classmates walking around..

My entry for this time is more to improve my English actually. So, I really appreciate if you as the reader, posting your comments regarding my entry.

The best and most beautiful things
In the world cannot be seen nor touched
But are felt in the heart



-Me- said...

salam ukhti..
ceh...first time letak gambar naaa..hehe
ur english is not too bad...ok la tue....

uhibbunurilahi said...

that blue pencil box
very cute..rite?
i thing the owner of pencil box as cute as her pencil box laa..(cam salah grammar je..tp phm je kn..haha)

waduh2, speaking u..good2..hehe

sad too..
hopefully, pas2 ni de la lg tutor kite mcm k yana..
k yana nk keje kt UDM ag x pas master??

umatMuhammad said...
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umatMuhammad said...

to ME~ jazakillah for your comment ukhti..

to uhibbu~ hope to meet Miss Yana again..
cute? I admit that..

husna said...
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