29 September, 2010


standing there in the blowing wind,

watching the colours on the horizon,

and the rippling, metallic silver waters,

i felt so alone

a i watched the palm trees sway with the wind,

and the radiant sun dip into the golden land,

i felt alone

as i watched the angel-white seagulls,

soar majestically over the darkening horizon

and the rhythmic rollsof the waves

i felt so alone

as i lifted my face

to the rosy sky

a tear made its way down my cheek

i closed my eyes

trying to hold bak the pain

"oh, My Lord" i whispered

i had no one to wipe my tears

no one to whisper softly into my ear

no one to take the pain away

no one to heal my wound

"its going to be ok"

i opened my eyes suddently

because i felt someone's presence

but i cuold see no one around me

someone was there


because i could feel

a bright and bold presence

i closed my eyes again

but this time, it was to savor this feeling

a smile played upon my lips

i would never feel alone again

as long as i remained righteous

for the Presence i felt

was the presence of Him

My Lord, My Merciful

The Almighty Allah..

"and be steadfast in patience, for verily Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish" (11:115)


saya said...

salam. ur own ? :)

umatMuhammad said...


salam..no, from my sis's blog.
but the original poem is from islamicpoem.com

anyway, thanks for ur visits.