27 December, 2010

KLCBF’s story

In the name of the Most High.

Alhamdulillah, last Saturday, I managed to join KL Children Book Fair, KLCBF with my two younger sisters. Thank Allah, all praises are due to Allah swt.

Main intentions : Seeking His bless
: Strengthen the ukhuwah with my sisters
: Hlovate and Hilal Asyraf’s new novels

I meet with Datuk A.Samad Said at PTS booth. So, let us spends our remaining holiday by read all those books. Here some books that we bought..

From all those books, I really enjoyed reading Remaja Harapan. It’s all about the 'hamasah' (spirit) and the understanding of Islam. Well, talking about hamasah, sometimes I wonder how to keep it up for a long period.
I noticed something, if akhwat being by my side, I will force myself to maintain my mutabaah. But its not happen when akhwat is not being by my side even I know Allah seeing what I do every single moment. That’s my problem.

Let us imagine how many young men that have lost their hamasah, and how many shuyukh who manage to maintain their hamasah. Just look at the companions of the Prophet. Look at Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. If it's not because of his hamasah, he won’t be able to spend his late life participating in the mission to conquer Constantinople.

We need hamasah for da'wah. We also need patience and hikmah (wisdom) from the shuyukh. And those are two elements which are complimentary in a successful da'wah. I'm just wondering how to keep this hamasah going. So, by muhasabah and reads some religious book for example, we can at least boost our hamasah. Remember, people who read, will conquer the world.

Till then, may Allah bless us all.
Sorry for my broken English.

Reference: Let the momentum stays.

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